Carvings in Stone

As you sit or the giant cliff overlooking an immense valley you take a chisel and begin a series of intricate carvings. One captures the essence of the sun, the other the moon, one for her sister Venus in geometrical patterns across the limestone surface. Aphrodite and a concurrent mythology in tiny capital letters inscribed in great detail. At dusk you light a candle and wait until dawn chanting repetitive mantras concerning some of the most mysterious natural rhythms there are. At dawn you snub out the flame with your fingertips.

Deconstructivism: Self Deconstructing Spiral

This spiral is taking itself apart even as it forms. Spiral geometry goes way back into human history of art. It predates art history. Art took the spiral from nature. The spiral was already in place. The spiral forms an image and tears apart an image all at once in this painting. It is balanced between construction and destruction. It is deconstructivism.



Self-Deconstructing Spiral Painting (Deconstructivism)- Gifted to a Friend of the Artist

Size: 24 x 36 x 1.5 in
Media: Oil on Canvas Over Board (Very Sturdy)
Title: Deconstructivism: Self-Deconstructing Spiral
Signed: Right Thumbprint and Cipher (A Combination of the Artist’s Initials)
Artist: @yessickart
Date Completed: Jan 07, 2015
Life Expectancy of Painting: 400+ yrs. if well preserved…

A painted spiral draws on a long collective memory synonymous with art. Think of spirals as mystery in abstract form which never ends. The mystery turns and turns and turns. This is how we relate to spirals as art objects. Once we are drawn into the image, we can return again and again. Our eyes, always moving, always find something new to dwell on.

It’s easier to say where spirals cannot be found, than list where they are found. You can see spirals in ancient celtic designs, or advanced mathematics. They are integral forms in pre-Columbian art objects. They are also found throughout Modern art in works by dadaists and surrealists, made during the early 2th century, or in the seminal land art piece of the 1960s by Robert Smithson titled “Spiral Jetty”. Spirals hypnotize cartoons characters, and nature grows them beautifully in shells.

This image of a spiral is an image of deconstructivism. The spiral tears apart an image just beneath, and it forms the image. It triggers primal memories of base forms we have always known as humans. It spins, destroys, constructs, hypnotizes, and awakens collective memory. It is always stuck in the state of mystery. It expands out, beyond the edge of the canvas, as far as the eyes can see. This is deconstuctivism: painting reduced to an ancient form used to unravel the surface.

Pop Art for Today’s Times

pop art

pop art

Pop Art for today.

Visual Art should be a pop movement based on the foundations of technology, innovation, experimentation, and style…A multitude of artists to follow there already are… anyways

Pop art is just another way of saying popular art, just like pop music is just the music that is popular right then. There is always room for innovation, and room for new stuff to come to the forefront of the art. A true artist should be in tune with the genius of his or her own time period insofar as technology and innovation are concerned.

It is good to paint too.
It comes to life in front of your eyes

Pop art was a style of art in the 50’s which is how it came to be a popular term. Liechtenstein, and Warhol and the bunch, anyways, the real pop art is a cultural movement based on art. Just as music is very much a cultural thing art needs to represent the whims and aspirations of its own sects and followers.

It can very much be the center point of a Conversation
as it is always good to refer to things in the external environment when having or trying to uphold a conversation. Things in our environment give us common ground which people from different backgrounds can interact about something unique.

Something like this can be pop art

Although these days it would probably have some big bold white text at the bottom that is vaguely humorous.

pop art

I prefer my posts to be far from ordinary, however.
The above^ image is taken from the Lourve Museum in Paris, where the two pyramids meet in the atrium space. The slight digital alterations can make it more poppy or pop art popular, or what have you…

Either way, art should be popular, and 2d imagery has lost some cred where cred is definitely due…Because, what would you draw if someone gave you a gigantic canvas?

The 4 Hour Work Week

Basically it says to live your life, that every moment doesn’t have to be a work fidget, to listen to music, and if something is important enough you will hear about it so stop worrying about all of the hype. Says to explore your natural talents and use outside sources to concentrate your work week into 4 hours per week.