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new products

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Spiraling into the Spiral… continual #spirals #spiraling

–is lost in the depths of the spiral with Jenny McCarthey

— is spiralling into a sprial with other spirals all grouped , groups of spirals some going in some, outwards, all deep and intertwined with the spiral flux clinging onto the gold thread so I can leave the inner depths of the vacuum of the spiral and other interconnected spirals…messed up in the spiral, from the spiral with love
this is my picket fence the one below is a spiral, yo :)
k :)
all the way from the depths of the vacuum of the lost silence of the interior underbelly of the spiral flux comes this rippin piano solo by the chairman of the boards.
The Squirming Coil by Phish on Grooveshark

and here is castles made of sand: they fall into the sea, eventually…

Only Time

I’m blowing smoke into the air and handing my life over to the winds of fate…. What will be, will be; all in it’s own time… My future depends on the whims of creativity in terms of the ever-dying present tense which is so closely entwined with what vague glimpse of reality I Imagine to lie ahead. And yes, I do believe that each day should be better than the next…Only time will tell.

My #currentwork #currentproject #zen

My current project:
scribbling abstract and weird words into a journal with tons of spirals and weird doodles continuously until the entire book is finished
burn the notebook on the grill outside…
you have to build things up
just to tear them down
and sometimes all of the work you do
is for nothing
I consider it
an experiment in zen in response to the environment
(I am sitting ten feet away from the street in my house and the street is busy)
a continually shifting environment intended to clear negativty
eventually I would like to have
a lot of cactus plants and some gargoyles hung ouside facing the street, I dunno
maybe the gargoyles will replace the scribbling
either way I’ve been working fervently on this notebook
which is an endless aim,
it’s the journey that’s the most fun
not the destination :)