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And Next, A Few Webpages ->

Re-Creating the Incident – Freestyle Poems and Writings by @yessickart from 2000-2008. Incident Series 1
Creating an Incident -A Poetry Book by @yessickart – Incident Series Vol 2
Imagekind – Oil reproductions and framed or unframed prints of my art. (It’s cheaper to buy an unframed print)
Cafepress – @yessickart on cafepress
Fearless and Smitten – a combination of pure excitement.
Morphed Logos – read all the way down; far out, yo…
Bemuse a muse – A page on the verb “to bemuse”.
Like This – A web sculpture piece
Later on in the Updates – Later on in the updates.
Millennium Poetry – Written around the turn of the Millennium.
Vinrosevortex– @yessickart on Blogger (poetry)
Index3 – An old homepage
Legalize Cannabis – Legolize – Norml.org – Support the Cause

This is where we take a little diversion and read some contemporary poetry

A Few Poems:

This is a Photograph of Me. – Margaret Atwood
Moonburn – Marge Piercy
Keeping Things Whole – Mark Strand
The Schooner Flight – Derek Walcott

…More Feeds…


Ancient Coins – Greek, Roman, Byzantine Coins
Medieval Coins – Asian, Celtic, European, Islamic, and Persian
Seated Liberty – US (1836-1891)
Barber – US (1892-1916)
Walking and Standing Liberty – US – Walking: (1916-1947); Standing: (1916-1930)
Buffalo Nickels – US (1913-1938)
North America Coins
Canada Coins

A few More Pages:

Systemic Abstraction – Abstract Art based on a system
Graffiti and Notes – Art Theory
Architecture Sketches – Drawings from the Turn of the Millenium
Art Terms – Art Elements and Principles
Visualartsite – The remnants of a site I used to run on Andy site.
Art Theory – Some @yessickart thoughts on art related ideas.

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