Observe and Participate

I’ve learned to explore every detail of the world around me. Sometimes I just sit around and look at patterns on floors, tabletops, surfaces of things, how things are arranged… Water and liquid on tabletops. Some of the coolest things to look at are in nature, but really you can be anywhere and observe just the surfaces of the things around you, like the folds in the sheets, the way the leaves are arranged in a spot in the yard. It’s good to take time and appreciate each detail of the world around us, wherever we are. And someday I hope you will be sitting there and look down at the ground and look at the way the pebbles are arranged, or the way all of the petals in individual flowers are all not quite alike and realize how remarkable it is to look at a granite slab or the way the grain runs in a piece of wood. Every square inch of the world has a story to tell. Most of the time I just try to appreciate it for what it is, and not to think too deeply about what I am observing. I just want to see the inherent beauty in the arrangements of things in the world in which we live. There’s an entirely different way of seeing, and this is just one of them. If you look for beauty, you will find it.

The looming cloud above

Suspend your disbelief for a second, and imagine that there is another world around us, let’s just call it a spirit world… I know there are so many things to believe in, and sometimes it’s nothing, or a little bit of everything, or one thing It doesn’t matter, whatever it is, suspend your disbelief so that you can experience something profound. Sometimes it is a suspense/spectacle that moves us, sometimes it is experienced with music, words and sound, and other times real tangible people or objects can have the power to inspire. Whatever it is, or if it is nothing at all. Just imagine death like flipping a switch, and you are in sort of like another dimension, kinda like a spirit world. Ok so, my grandfather left me this knife from WWII. I thought the knife was spooked and that it had potentially been used to kill one or more people during the war, whatever it was, I felt that the spirit attached to the knife was disturbed, and somehow wanted revenge. So, I threw the knife in a ditch somewhere near Pulaski, TN. Anyways, this led me to think…do all weapons have spirits/energy/powers (what have you) attached to them? And if so… can that spirit impel the user of the weapon to act? Does the spirit world play a role on an individual’s fate insofar as the weapon is sort of like a gateway? What I am saying is this: spirits are in everything. Even the native Americans knew this…Yes, some objects are cursed. Some weapons can be cursed and evil. That’s all I’m saying… I also think the energy or spirit associated with a weapon is always a powerful entity. The other side is always there. It can happen at any time…Sometimes it happens unexpectedly… Death. is a swirling cloud that always looms over the heads of the living…Why do we have to make that swirling cloud more tangible?

ode to a flower



sounds caress the sanctity from above

it blends in, melds together from apart

intermixed with vine growths

and the mirrored reflection

in a pause

the awaiting interwoven energies

and collected and diffused among branches

address the sacrificial dove

forecast in the dreamstate maxims in a cloud formation

sweeping by

tremendous energy

it carries on what it wants…