Yes and it were

seeing as everything were the same
we just same
we just ridin strait up
hello you person
thanks for he hospitality
lying there in a cave
until the other side
make amends
and the same
until everyday makin money and getting by
stress none for a lil while change in the pockets
same as it were
left from the other side
in a balance today as it were
ty from the other side
juicing it for all it is worth
same as it were…

a fragment of the larger whole

say whatever it is thats on your mind
and pass it down through generations still to come
one more story to tell for the masses…
one more page here 4 u
erupt in flames the dying system of course,
ending with the beginning of time for everything else at once….
to come together upon us…
while we wait the arrival of the new species…
breaking through the barriers of meaning

forget what I said
ten minutes from now

either way
as I told you
we will adapt
and see other pertinent future outcomes still
today is just a part of the puzzle
left to American greed to portray for all
when it is at once behind us
in such a way as to contribute to
the depth and meaning of the whole
we can be comfortably free
in the mastery of ourselves
with untapped potential in everyone…

today is just a small fragment of a larger picture
that we think means everything
and is actually just a tiny speck
on the entire map of the universe…

Protect what You Love

The greater the plan….
The less of fellow man…
with which you should share…
it isn’t a dare…
You plans could be vast…
then they would be smashed…
optimism fades
as rumor trades…
let your plans hide…
out of everyone’s view…
as if you were wild…
sprouting from the dew…

#ebola and the Earth as a self regulating system

“I’m gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames” – Jim Morrison

The earth is an extremely biologically diverse self regulating system. Even the slightest changes in temperatures can have a profound effect on the biodiversity of this planet. With slight temperature changes, the logic of natural cycles seeks ways to self regulate. ‪#‎Ebola‬ is a terrifying disease. It is more scary and real when you can imagine how it is actually like in the affected countries. It is more real and terrifying there than you can even possibly comprehend. The earth is a self regulating system. If we aren’t going to do something about climate change, the Earth will self regulate and destroy us in whatever way it wants. Evolution has no remorse.

love somebody

“No man is an island” -well known expression
The importance of self, and the fulfillment of the ego is such a deeply rooted inculcation upon our social structure…. and the reason for this is so that everybody needs their own stuff…Each person has to have their own computer, for example, or their own hairdryer, or their own car. That means that there has to be one of everything for each person… this is what drives the economy. It is self defeating and self destructive. With urban renewal projects, city information centers and resource bases could be made and public spaces reimagined in an interactive technologically adapted environment, where the technology is not designed to isolate the individual, but to bring people together in clever, educational, and meaningful ways. The importance of self makes people into sociopaths, with no care for anyone else but themselves and their own immediate interests, and they lose touch with how to really touch another person in a profound way with their words or actions. This skill is a dying art. We ourselves can make small changes here and there by choosing to humble ourselves, let go of our pride, and be truly sincere and caring towards other people and show them love. We can even show love to those who are mean to us. Compassion, forgiveness, humility, and sincerity are good traits to have for anyone. One small action can have the power so shape the course of so many different events…Just think about it.

Here’s what a news headline could look like in an alternate reality

000001Here’s what a news headline could look like if we weren’t so conditioned to accept visual forms as they are currently promulgated to us through various channels by the elite who control the media. The elite controls the infrastructure of visual design including their process of classically conditioning designers, not only in the universities, but most often when they are introduced to the workforce, with the intention of maintaining the current visual infrastructure that bombards us on the reg and really makes us think a certain way. We ourselves are conditioned from the time we look at a tv to think in this common language which affects what we like, how we percieve the world, and how we react to the world around us. We all have the choice of freedom, it is always there. This common language is the glue that is used to keep things going in a certain way. The way things are going now, with climate change, massive inequality, and endless war, our current social construct is just not in balance. I think change will not happen all at once, but with local urban renewal programs and a few resources, the public spaces in cites could be re-imagined, and designed and built in a certain way in order to be self-regulating dynamic, supportive, educational community centers. This is not the isolation of self and the indulgence of the ego. This is a common understanding, a common language which can have so many wildly different and varying facets and contexts… All we have now is a banal and ordinary common language fabricated out of thin air by the elite, and it is spoonfed to the masses in so many really &^%$d up ways if you think about it. However we can rely on the fact that we can be comfortable to have a common language which is simply a means to encourage us to shop while the whole time the world just burns….

lost in chaos


Yesterday as it was before
and another day
and another goes by
collections of fragments in a box
remnants scraped from the edges of existence
from the boundaries of the inevitable

loose flock of seagulls into your hair
as time fragments are indescribable and on purpose and related
by circumstance and everything that was left behind
outside of the box
in a shoe factory
with the rest of us.

forms in segments

fragile, soft, an wrapped in sequins
sequestered in the nude forest
changeling for another time and place
halfway to another corridor in the maze, the townscape…
in an adjacent world, divided between lunar solstices…
landscape rhythms permeate scenes enthralled with magical tunes
leftover pieces of hair’s natural rhythms…
a collection of forms in segments…
a triangulation of sorts.
an exact measurement or outcome of a problem…
an important outcome of events…
arranged in a certain way under strict supervision…
made to appear related in a certain way to the fortunate ones…
the lookers on dogmatic in stance appear swerving…
in a close symbiotic relationship to one another…

Traversing Across Boundaries

Maximum supply of the cure
awaits manufacture
not enough to go around
sent 5000 vaccines to West Africa
sending more soon
we need a great remedy
to rework the population
and stop the terror amongst us
a great river of the cure in a bottle
open to another world
the one it is slowly becoming…
disasters happen more frequently and the floods
consume cities, devastation to high winds
the world changes
what comes next?
what are we to do with this power to transform?
do we ignore it? – like they want us to do?
or do we stop making excuses and go out
and try to make a change… change is a slow process
but it happens with time, as anything else
it is just up to our generation to decide which way we want this world to go.

World based on everything green

moving through dense layers and the bounty
thin veiled layers, deep in the abyss of the city
a great unfolding of light and energy
described and concealed by a thin slice
hidden within mazes and alternating contexts
to be revealed only at the right time
time when the establishment collapses
and is replaced by
biological understandings of ourselves and the world around us
concealed within a well lit chamber in the artifice
away from the rest of us
away now for
the cure is among us
can we keep up with global warming?
the concealed manifesto that everyone needs to read
can be created through analyzing and condensing certain channels of knowledge
it is a detailed plan which lies hidden, somewhere,
can tell us how to escape
and create a new world based on everything green….