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Smoky Quartz – Protective; dissolves negativity; good in workplace.
Rutilated Quartz – Energizing, assists with mental focus; psychologically protective.
Tourmaline – Protection during ritual; opens pathways.
Amethyst – Clarity and spiritual growth.
Rhodochrosite – Love; heart chakra; intuition, creativity.
Fluorite – Absorbs negativity; makes user aware.
Apatite – Psychic perception; paranormal abilities.
Azurite – Psychic abilities; intuition, a meditation stone.


Ancient Coins – Greek, Roman, Byzantine Coins
Medieval Coins – Asian, Celtic, European, Islamic, and Persian
Seated Liberty – US (1836-1891)
Barber – US (1892-1916)
Walking and Standing Liberty – US – Walking: (1916-1947); Standing: (1916-1930)
Buffalo Nickels – US (1913-1938)

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Comic Books

Here are some good comic books feeds, who knows? You might find something really special.

Amazing Spiderman
Uncanny X-men
The Avengers
The Hulk