Television: The Infrastructural Revolution

“…The relinquishing of the polis [city-community] and especially the agora [market-place] was effectively achieved by means of their reduction, rationalization, and reconstitution within a synthetic programming environment. It was television that permitted the great post war trade-off: it replaced the real multispectral information fluxes of the true city with remotely constituted synthetic “feeds”, allowing one ostensibly to participate simultaneously in the [pseudo-] pastorality of the suburb and in the teeming, information-rich social world made possible by concentration and central markets. Television of course provided only an engineered version of natural reality, a mastered environment oriented simultaneously to merchandise and to entertainment [to mitigate the tedium, monotony, and isolation of suburban life]. And yet these linked processes and historical developments represent the central transformational and organizational principle of postwar American society and economics. Television had become the veritable central nervous system of postwar America, transforming nearly every relation of life, work, markets, and culture, while becoming the principle player in the migration of urban existence from a purely material and physical to an increasingly abstract and nervous-based condition. Television at once compensated[for the quick of the city and the marketplace that was lost] and delivered:entertainment, information, goods, and through these latter, created the new channels and modalities of collective and social participation. That the last fifty years of televisual experience has changed the way we live, work, accumulate, and exchange is a fact that few would refute. ….These last fifty years of almost complete subsumption of consciousness into the electronic networks of distribution that maintain human existence within the new, largely disarticulated frameworks of economic and and urban organization..[has] transformed us in depth…Consider alone the remarkable industrial, economic, and cultural reorganizations that are taking place within and around the internet, and how unresistant we have become both biologically and socially to the latter’s creative, authoritarian, and revisionist violence. Now that television has become not just a two way street, but an infinitely dense and layered, and largely automatic interactive matrix, can we deny that the subtle coup that had always been the secret dream of economics and technology – is moving into its climactic phase? There will always be areas of both public and private life that cannot be rationalized, but the reorganization of consciousness and behavior into novel and artificial patterns that obscure us from the subtleties of the material reorganizations that our civilizations are undergoing, does not appear to be one of them.”
Television: the Infrastructural Revolution.. Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) from Rem Koolhaas -> Mutations (2001)

onwards towards unlimited unexplored creative freedom for the masses….

u jus wanna type and let it all
just be
the way
it jus happends
what I did this time

and that is the ultimate reason
that is
another way
besides the one that was predetermined/redesigned/approximated
you realize
out of the *eighty-four hundred thousand faces
put on one of them
and ask

you’ll fall depersonalized
into terrific nirvana states
on the same level
as the seven

corporations who own everything
And ur TV programming

youtube branches, tendrils,
in a future pretense….
onwards to the ineffable spiral—–>

*eighty four hundred thousand faces

onwards towards unlimited unexplored creative freedom for the masses….


promote or make widely known (an idea or cause).
“these objectives have to be promulgated within the organization”
synonyms: make known, make public, publicize, spread, communicate, propagate, disseminate, broadcast, promote, preach;
“they promulgated their own views”

Got lost in Baltimore

From my places I’ve been on pinterest, <--you should check out this link here, for real.

helps me remember/find images of specific places I’ve been and then provide a little info on each place, anyways, this is was one of the few really scary experiences I had in all my travelling, just because who knows what the f I was thinking, I sorta just wanted to visit D.C. then I got there, and this happened:
this happened before smartphones….omg it would have been really nice to have one of those, it seemed like I was always looking for something I needed and walking all over trying to find it with no car, I mean I could ask, maybe like a nice lady for directions, but usually I didn’t ask unless I was like literally dying, thirsting to death, or starving. This is how some things happened before smartphones. I remember walking around all day one day looking for socks, and I never found them, stuff like that. Finding essentials in a new city was a lot greater of a feat before smartphones. I remember driving around one city all day until I finally knew where everything was then I found a chill place to sleep in my truck… Anyways, I got
Lost in the hood in Baltimore in my white truck, I got lost after I had traveled back and forth between Baltimore and D.C. a few times in my truck. It was scary. I didn’t know where the f** to go, I had little money, and I was so incredibly tired because I had been driving all day from Chattanooga. I couldn’t find anywhere to sleep on the street in D.C. right away after checking out the scene. Some guys let me park my truck in with some other white trucks, so that was cool so I walked around for a minute and everything looked a lot more fake since I had been there before 9-11 had even happened, it was just like a plastic fake energy I felt this time, so I found my truck eventually after practically losing it and then once I found it I just decided to drive around the Capitol at night and check out some cool buildings, and colors and lights,so then I decided to go home. I got near Baltimore and changed my mind and went back and forth like that a couple of times on the expressway between D.C. and Baltimore. The driving was scary as hell. Ok Then I somehow got lost in Baltimore. I had never been there before, and I got lost. Oh well I found my way out ok. I managed to sleep really good that night anyways in a clean bed, as it were…Anyways, I drove that truck all over the country, geez, glad I paid for my current car, I’m sorta superstitious like that about vehicles,


ppl b dyin everyday ova some dead ho’s phony ass lies that they somehow managed to get so many frigging people to believe in…that’s marketing… make someone believe something so deeply that that’s all they know, and they accept it for what it is, it’s called generational marketing, e.g. tweaking modes of control throughout history and sometimes these modes of control overlap.. :)

[I’m speaking in more of a general context, nothing specific…just all of them (the dead hoes who all’s lies we’re all facing now and the alive ones who are promulgating these very same lies which are now are causing all of this injustice, endless war, and basically just an unpleasant world for many, far too many, suffering people)

and if we don’t do something about it

I you, you me

the polarization of wealth will increase over time
and destroy our cities….here in the US of A
not to mention climate change
and shanty towns will begin popping up
while the elite chase bass on their luxury yachts

to make a real change peacefully

in whatever way you can

all the rest is jargon

Friggin #Imagine ya’ll…

The bible was written at least 400 years after the death of Jesus (a.k.a. the sacred healing moon man(pagan version))…It was written by numerous hands. There were so many different original versions, many of which were destroyed intentionally by the church leaders and I’m sure some are now hidden deep in the Vatican archives. The Bible was rewritten throughout history, after it had first been introduced in tongue, and common people still didn’t know how to read so they had to go to the church to get their dogma. All the while the catholic church was slowly reforming and crafting the final text insofar as to deepen their control over the populace while the commoners still remained illiterate. Early Christians used to believe in Diana, the lady of the wood, as the feminine deity, but that was later replaced with the Virgin Mary…. There were even documented protests by the Christians in the 1400’s when images of Diana were removed, they cried, “give us back our Diana of the Ephesians” These early Christians also believed that you could see the spirit of Diana in the grain of wood…Not saying the Bible isn’t a work of art,. anyways I believe in the power of the human spirit to accomplish great feats, not wasting time watching t.v. which, much like the bible was… is today’s more secular mode of control and does it basically by just wasting your time, and eventually you don’t want to think about who you are anymore, and you just do anything to block you from yourself, at least some people are like that. If you believe in every lie, you’re never free to walk away…you should be free to go today….

The biggest lie is the one you believe in the most

the biggest lie is the one you believe in the most


“All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie” -Bob Dylan


Smh… people go to their deaths everyday believing in what to others, is a lie

best example of the big lie working its evil: try the holocaust, or maybe try today’s hyper consumerist corporate owned, isolationist and sociopath-producing, self-centered driven police state. sure you have freedom, the freedom to choose what kind of drink you want from starbucks


“It was Christmas time, shopping was all that mattered…and everybody walking in and out of the stores looked terribly terribly sad, miserable, and unfulfilled….”
-observations from the early 21st century in a southern U.S. city

So, I was standing in the parking lot of Best Buy when something got me thinking… Why do we need all of these cars, and stuff? What are we doing???. Everybody has their own tv, their own phone, their own car. Every person has to have his or her own one of each thing…Why is it the way it is? Not because of some higher more intelligent and intuitive reason. No. It’s so a few people can get filthy rich while they let all the people run around like little slaving squirrels, gathering little things for their homes. It doesn’t have to be this way people. I try to think of it in terms of urban design and architecture. Architecture and urban design are made to control movement patterns and the flow of people in a specific way…So I was standing there in the parking lot, I just thought, what if we just put a huge informational educational center with interactive displays there instead of the parking lot, or even maybe like a ten story building focused on games that solve real life problems, or even what if they just put just like a huge fun palace there..anything would be better than that vile sea of cars and the life of slavery and servitude that goes along with all of those seas of cars in parking lots everywhere…cars and cars and cars and ordinary rectangular disposable buildings everywhere with stores in them. In my re-imagined utopia I want to live within walking distance of the fun palace and the real life game problem solving building. Maybe a cafeteria in between where I chip in a coupla days a week, just because I like food. I don’t have to have my own anything, maybe a few things that fit in a bag..It’s just how I think. and the goal is to have fun and enjoy life there, not to work endlessly trying to fill a bottomless pit with money. Just ‪#‎imagine‬ all of the design potential there….Anyways, back in the sorta redundant parking lot it was Christmas time, and shopping was all that mattered…and everybody walking in and out of the stores looked terribly terribly sad, miserable, and unfulfilled….



Wall Street was a slave market before it was a financial center

urban renewal is the only way to really begin to change movement patterns in a city and create more public spaces that should then be designed to include technologically innovative resources + etc..(not just benches and swingsets)…


If any of these idiots walked up to you and asked you for twenty bucks, would you give it to them?

Is this really where you want your hard earned dollar going? think about it. You are paying these rich idiots your own money… by choice… and they are just hoarding it up like some gargantuan-sized squirrel and not SHARING or GIVING to any charities? I know If I had that I would at least throw a coupla million to a number of different charities… I don’t see why people who are aware of this keep shopping there… Buy local604164_745371748877836_8636321029851920287_n

Suspense/Spectacle #lookingoutofasunflower

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good luck charm Nuance of timing #Pause

“Don’t pray for outstanding wealth or excellence; the one great thing for man is luck” ~Theognis

rearranging space time, and matter..even this little tweet affects timing in some regard, even this: ‪#‎Pause‬ affects timing every nuanCe


Everything affects timing. And timing is everything. Either you have good or bad timing. Usually you have the choice to make it good timing. Sometimes you might have bad timing. Bad timing can be compared to bad luck sometimes. And good timing to good luck. I think if you are prepared for the good luck to happen to you, or the good planning or whatever, you know, it will just happen. Good luck can come from many places. I like to think that the right combinations of stones can bring good luck.

Here are some good luck charm Fu Temple lions of Jade to bring you good fortune:

Pair Jade Fu Dogs Foo Dogs Temple Lions Sculpture Asian Art Collectibles (8″ Height)More Jade Sculptures

Good luck charms can be an important thing. amber, coral, and turquoise go good together to bring good luck traditionally in Tibet. :
here are some links:
Amber BeadsCoral BeadsTurquoise beads

If you take these three stones, coral, amber, and turquoise and put them together you have a really good luck charm that can help every day be one of the best days of your life. Trust me, I have tried this combination of stones, it really works. Thank you.

Tibetan Jewelry, a bit of History Another blog who is writing her knowledge of the tibetan jewelry aspect.

If you want the authentic tibetan amber coral and turquoise stuff, try looking on ebay.

Other good luck charms

A guitar pick facing nose down on a necklace can be used as a talisman. Also, anything really interesting and sturdy from nature can be worn as a talisman, some with more intrinsic value than otehrs, some like sharks teeth, and some like shells, some like stones, some like silver and gold, and everybody likes something different so try to find what works for you.

Rabbits foot can be a good luck charm, i dunno it may help, you know???
Buy Rabbits footgood luck charm

There are other ways Just search for Talismans and good luck charms on your browser, try to get something that is real. If you or someone you know has had bad luck you may need something like this. A really good luck charm. Like this one:

good luck charm digital

This is a digital good luck token^ save it in ur fave folder 4 good luck :)

Chessboard in the Playroom #chess

This is a spiral chessboard


This is a colorful one


‘Chess in the Playroom’ – A painting I did in 2004



Real Chessboard here Chessboard Real Image

Chess is a great game for all ages and really wakes up your brain! What could be better than a custom chess board? This is a great weekend project and there are countless options for customization, allowing you to tailor your chess board to your personality! They also make great gifts!

Make a chess board : easy : Make a Chessboard

So you want to buy a chess set? That is a smart decision for three reasons:
There have been several studies that show that playing chess helps improve cognitive thinking, problem solving skills and memory.
Even if you don’t get any smarter, your friends and family will think you are smarter because you have a nice set in your home or office.
Chess is a lot of fun! However, be forewarned that it can be a somewhat addictive.
You have probably started some basic research on the internet or even talked to that smart looking friend who has a chess set but you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices and options. Maybe the set is not for you but a gift for your favorite grandchild or niece. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you have a favorite)

To help narrow down the selection, let’s start with three questions:
Is this set for display and the occasional game or do you want a chess set that is intended for regular use and may even be travel around with you to the park, club or on your next airplane ride?
What is the age and skill level of the individual who will use the set?
What is your budget?

Chess Sets Here, Great Gifts

Have fun playing chess, it relates to life. King me.

rearranged arch #rearranged again



Taj Mahal diffused meandering along a vine..growing in branches,= tendrils #TajMahal


Pantheon, Rome


Villa Rotunda, Palladio, Italy, #rearranged into some alien ___ ===>>>>>


I could spend all day in ‪#‎deconstruction‬ of Palladian Architecture…After a while, it starts to be ‪#‎rearranged‬ into some Alien stuff… This one looks to me like an alien spaceship being taken into another alien ship…I dunno, what do you think???

I Post Things Different and Unique. I am an #Artist #VisualArtist of Today.. #GraphicArt #GlitchArt #WebDesign check out the site…

I Post Things Different and Unique. I am an #Artist #VisualArtist of Today.. #GraphicArt #GlitchArt #WebDesign check out the site…

I Post Things Different and Unique. I am an #Artist #VisualArtist of Today.. #GraphicArt #GlitchArt #WebDesign check out the site…

Rearranged link on reddit

Observe and Participate

I’ve learned to explore every detail of the world around me. Sometimes I just sit around and look at patterns on floors, tabletops, surfaces of things, how things are arranged… Water and liquid on tabletops. Some of the coolest things to look at are in nature, but really you can be anywhere and observe just the surfaces of the things around you, like the folds in the sheets, the way the leaves are arranged in a spot in the yard. It’s good to take time and appreciate each detail of the world around us, wherever we are. And someday I hope you will be sitting there and look down at the ground and look at the way the pebbles are arranged, or the way all of the petals in individual flowers are all not quite alike and realize how remarkable it is to look at a granite slab or the way the grain runs in a piece of wood. Every square inch of the world has a story to tell. Most of the time I just try to appreciate it for what it is, and not to think too deeply about what I am observing. I just want to see the inherent beauty in the arrangements of things in the world in which we live. There’s an entirely different way of seeing, and this is just one of them. If you look for beauty, you will find it.

The looming cloud above

Suspend your disbelief for a second, and imagine that there is another world around us, let’s just call it a spirit world… I know there are so many things to believe in, and sometimes it’s nothing, or a little bit of everything, or one thing It doesn’t matter, whatever it is, suspend your disbelief so that you can experience something profound. Sometimes it is a suspense/spectacle that moves us, sometimes it is experienced with music, words and sound, and other times real tangible people or objects can have the power to inspire. Whatever it is, or if it is nothing at all. Just imagine death like flipping a switch, and you are in sort of like another dimension, kinda like a spirit world. Ok so, my grandfather left me this knife from WWII. I thought the knife was spooked and that it had potentially been used to kill one or more people during the war, whatever it was, I felt that the spirit attached to the knife was disturbed, and somehow wanted revenge. So, I threw the knife in a ditch somewhere near Pulaski, TN. Anyways, this led me to think…do all weapons have spirits/energy/powers (what have you) attached to them? And if so… can that spirit impel the user of the weapon to act? Does the spirit world play a role on an individual’s fate insofar as the weapon is sort of like a gateway? What I am saying is this: spirits are in everything. Even the native Americans knew this…Yes, some objects are cursed. Some weapons can be cursed and evil. That’s all I’m saying… I also think the energy or spirit associated with a weapon is always a powerful entity. The other side is always there. It can happen at any time…Sometimes it happens unexpectedly… Death. is a swirling cloud that always looms over the heads of the living…Why do we have to make that swirling cloud more tangible?