How to Drive a Car – Real Techniques


The question is, how to drive a car? Well, the most basic explanation is: don’t. There are so many stupid cars everywhere, that the whole thing no longer makes any sense. Couldn’t there be a different way to get from point a to point b without having to have hundreds of millions of cars all over the place? Not to mention that the amount of oil that is being burned everyday just to support this insanely ridiculous infrastructure we call roads. What a waste of metal, resources, time, and energy.

So many cars everywhere and it doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s a few of my facebook posts about cars:

Dear Capital One Auto Finance: After you repossess my car you can shove it with great force directly into your anal cavity. You’re never getting another dime from me.

(Just remember, you never ever have to pay any company ever, if you don’t want to, so don’t)

Since I live about ten feet away from the busy street I have to listen to all of those stupid ass cars drive by all of the time. So I have been listening to ocean sounds the artist a lot recently. It kinda blends in with the sounds of the stupid ass cars.

“The [stupid ass] cars hiss by my window, like the waves down on the beach” – The Doors

Cars are really stupid man.

how to drive a car

Don’t even drive, just ride the bus, or bum a ride. Cars are so expensive to maintain, and they are made to break down. They aren’t built to last anymore. As soon as you hit 100,000 miles you are going to start having problems.

So you want to know how to drive a car? Don’t drive. Save the planet from another scrap of metal and countless carbon emissions. Driving may get you where you want to go, but these cars are ruining our planet.

I hate cars. I wish everyone would stop driving all at once on the same day. Or at least everybody not buy gas one day. Anything. The oil companies control everything some people think. They are in control of the media, and the products you buy.

I hate plastic too, it comes from petroleum too.

I wish that cities were smaller, where at least there would be moving sidewalks, and places for kids to play, and just ordinary easy life. It does seem a lot better than having to wake up every morning and get in a car and drive 30 minutes or more without even having woken up or even having taken a dump.

Cars suck. Cars and the infrastructure which supports them was all created so that everyone can buy stuff more easily. Cars are essential to capitalism. Cars keep people going to Wal Mart and McDonalds.

Imagine a world where you could wake up, take your time, then leisurely stroll through a beautifully landscaped garden to a food court where you could have anything you want to eat.

You want to know how to drive? Driving is for suckers. Driving is for the people who are slaves to the system. It is for people who depend on a paycheck and a job to survive.

Try to find a way to survive without being a slave to the man.

Don’t drive, rebel.

How to drive a car

Advertising has created the illusion that everyone has to have a car. Advertising with it’s flashy images and sexy people driving cars. What if there were no ad? Or the ad was bad? What then? Would we still have this seething incredibly ridiculous (to an outsider) gargantuan sea of cars that we have today? Probably not.

Why do you want to be like everyone else? Why do you even need a car? What if everybody just gave up their car? The city would change drastically overnight. New things would be built, like moving sidewalks, and things to make the walk easier and more beautiful.

Sure it feels great to speed, but then you’re just speeding. Then you get a ticket and have to pay fines. The whole thing costs money, a bunch. I don’t see why people put so much into their cars. I think the whole car thing is a joke. Like a big mean scary joke that never ends. It’s kinda like hell on earth if you are stuck on the freeway in a big city during rush hour. And people do it everyday. They get so pissed off and get road rage. Why do people put up with this day in and day out?

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people killed in car accidents every year. You never hear about the hundreds of thousands of deaths every year from car crashes just in the US.

So for your safest bet, if you want to know how to drive a car, save your own life. Why risk your life for taco bell. Taco bell is a joke anyways. I’ve made better stuff than taco bell by far in my own kitchen. And if you buy Mexican food, then you can just eat off of it for like a week. In Mexico they make fun of Americans for eating at taco bell. You can make the same stuff or even better stuff in your own kitchen.

Anyways, well you really want to know how to drive a car? Drive off a bridge, your probably safer that way, with much less stress. You can save the world. One less car. Just remember to jump out of the car before it catapults off of the bridge.

Cars are stupid. They go on and on endlessly. They are not safe. Anyone can be anywhere at any time. Is that what we really want? To allow creeps and pervs to drive places, anywhere they want and just show up? Do we really need that? Do we really need all of these huge hunks of metal flying around all of the time? The answer is: no. This world could be so much different. There could be walking cities. There could be a better infrastructure. People are jealous and greedy and want everything to themselves. That’s why cars have been so successful.

Education is the key however. And teaching people that there could be a different way is the first step to change. So, if you feel like getting a car, don’t. Because you might die in it. Or you may lose a limb. I hate cars. I think they are the epitome of a backwards capitalist society where all that matters is the almighty dollar, and everyone has to have their own one of everything. It would be so much easier just to walk outside and walk down to a deli or food court to get something. Today we just hop in our stupid ass cars and drive to the nearest fast food place and spend all of our hard earned money on fast food, because we have worked so hard all day that we are so tired we don’t care. And that’s exactly what the capitalist system wants.

If you really want to know how to drive a car, then drive a truck. Maybe at least you will be doing something good for other people. I heard that a lot of truck drivers have actually killed people with their trucks and still drive. If that doesn’t make you want to not drive then I don’t know what does.

And then they make alcohol the only legal recreational drug, so that they can profit from putting people in jail who are drunk. Stoned drivers actually drive better than a lot of sober drivers I know. You don’t swerve when you’re stoned so it’s much harder to bust people for smoking pot and driving. Anyways, they make alcohol the only legal recreational drug so that they can profit from drunk drivers. The whole thing is completely set up that way.
Don’t drink and drive, better yet, stay drunk all of the time and sell your car. Or just sell your car. Either one is better than leaving a terrible carbon footprint with that terrible piece of tin you call a car.

The ads are what keep people coming back for more and more cars. Now the car companies have even started making the cars to where you have to take them to the dealership to get work done. Used to be, when you needed a tune up or a little light maintenance, you could do it yourself. Now they make it nearly impossible, with some of the newer models, to even do a tune up yourself.

Shit just keeps getting harder for everyday people. So I say Fuck a car, who needs it? You can take your car and shove it up your ass for all I care.

You wan’t to know how to drive a car? That’s stupid if you ask me. I hate cars. They never stop. The stupidity and stupid thoughts about cars never ends. Like I said. the only reason that all these cars even exist is so that everybody can get to Wal Mart and other shopping places. I know it’s fun to travel, so there are infinite gas stations where you can send your hard earned dollar to some shiek in Saudi Arabia who has like 40 wives and four hundred children to feed. Is that what you want? Just so you can go to the beach?

Forget about driving. Take the bus. Driving is just a hassle and allows other people to control where you are and where you go. It’s a complete form of control, where we actually perceive real freedom. It isn’t. We are controlled by our cars.

Free Junk Mail


Mad-dashing through the wilderness
making faces at opposing forces
in the meantime, with new paginations
in the sunset, and dusk, it all makes sense

meandering now, in a seeing, settled-down mode
flames erupt from a hindrance in the skies
a new sunbeam drops on us like sequin surnames
are placed upon the elders

once upon a time
it all mattered
everything had a purpose
it all made sense

now there is Monsanto and Wal-mart
McDonalds and the grocery store
what next?
Let’s give everybody a free car
just because we can.
Everybody deserves to have a car.
Just because they can.

rewritten from the beginning, it changes..


Separated in lost distances
awaiting the after glow of tendril masquerades
signs become embers in the sky, rewritten
a joint page is written
togetherness, from the inside

a new glow, a circumference from the outside
a rewritten in time entablature of what lies ahead
a new galaxy unfolds in the surrounding desert skies
a new fruition of the unknown

in the middle of the intersection, a new meeting arose and left and carried it off with the wind

all at once and in nothingness, transfused inside a green shoe

for as it were
the pages were left behind
in lunar phases and sequences
a midriff sexy star face
gazes upon an uncertain artifice
a triangular reorganization
of the square parts that make up the circular

new meeting from the inside of the generator
in a pin of fin de siecle

awaits new chasms, regenerating in silence among mass creative efforts

forfeit the unbalanced longevity of the media at once
we are the new media
we say whatever we want.

Cool Baby Stuff that You will Actually Use


If you really want some cool baby stuff that you can actually use, here’s some essentials first:
Use this article as a list of resources from which you can obtain the best possible products for the baby years.

You have got to have a cradle swing. First and foremost. Period. It soothes the baby to sleep with a peaceful gentle swinging motion. Here are some from Fischer Price, which has the best ones: Fisher Price Cradle Swing

And you have got to have a baby crib. It is crucial to have this. The baby has to have somewhere to sleep you know? Somewhere safe and protected, so the baby is free of harm. Here is an affordable one by Fischer Price that works excellent, it comes highly recommended: Fisher-Price Charlotte 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Snow White

Cool Baby stuff like toys and things that entertain the baby

Stuff like the two things below, the crib attachments, are good for stimulating the baby. I don’t know if you have ever heard, but it may be good to play Mozart for your baby. At least that is what I heard. Mozart is way better. Try the piano sonatas. :) or this one or the baby Mozart, you might this one, it is popular too:The Mozart Effect – Music for Babies – Playtime to Sleepytime

So here’s a couple of things that can keep the baby entertained for hours on end:

Here’s a crib attachment from Fischer Price which is a soother that uses sounds and water sounds and visual effects (bubbles rising to the top) to soothe the baby to sleep. These things are important for soothing the baby to sleep. Which in turn, helps the parents get their own much needed sleep. It gives the baby countless hours of entertainment. It is very worth the time and effort to get one of these.Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

Some of the coolest baby stuff is stuff that is designed to entertain the baby. I guess that would be the toys. In the early years, one of these is perfect for entertaining the baby. You just attach it to the baby’s crib. It soothes the baby, keeps them entertained, and it is good to stimulate their visual and auditory senses. Or you could get the baby a mobile from Fischer Price, some of these are popular too: Fischer Price Mobile

Also, you are going to have to have these bottles, Dr. Brown’s Bottles, that are designed for free flow and reduce spit-ups and burping and gas, actually :) :Dr. Browns Bottles

Of course, you need organic cotton baby wipes:
BabyKicks Natural & Organic 10 Pack Baby Wipes, Assortment
And Baby Spoons, and you may want to look at: Pacifiers and Bibs and Diapers (Newborn), of course…
And ALWAYS a baby Video Monitor to be able to check on the baby remotely from anywhere in the house.
Baby Video Monitor
You also need a teether. Because when that baby is crying at two o’clock in the morning, because their teeth are finally coming, you’ll be grateful for that teether:Organic teethers
You are also going to need a rattle, to keep the baby occupied, entertains them, it helps them learn motion and hand eye coordination skills. Rattles make the baby very happy. If they are crying and you give them a rattle, a lot of times, the baby will stop crying:
Oragnic Rattles

You need a diaper bag: Diaper Bag Set Here are some sets. You’ll keep many things in your diaper bag, like a rattle, sanitary wipesWet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes Singles, , Fresh Scent, 24-Count (Pack of 5), Baby powder: Johnson’s Baby Powder, Pure Cornstarch, Aloe & Vitamin E, 22 Ounce (Pack of 2), Desitin Desitin, Diapers, baby Bottle, Bottle of Water, comb, and a change of clothes for the baby, Fresh Sacks Biodegradable Diaper Disposal Bags, 50 ct,Fresh Sacks Biodegradable Diaper Disposal Bags, 50 ct,a Changing Pad (for sure),tissues Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues, White, 120ct, Pack of 8, Gerber Baby food Gerber Baby food, a blanket, a passifire.Baby Sunscreen, a Camera, Breast pads, and Hand Sanitizer

These things are cool:

You may want to get a Bumbo seat, which is essentially, just a highchair, where the baby can sit at eye-level, and enjoy being a part of the family at dinner:Bumbo Seatssuch cool baby stuff. Wow.

and maybe a Nursing cover as well: Nursing Covers

You have to have baby lotion: Baby LotionYou keep the lotion in the diaper bag for the first six months, because that baby’s skin is so sensitive in the early stages.

Now that the most important cool baby stuff that you have to have is out of the way, here’s some more, and be sure to read all the way down, because some really cool stuff for your babies is at the bottom of the page! Some of the best stuff is at the end of the article!

Cool Baby Socks

cool baby stuff

You have got to get some socks for your baby, so why not get the socks and a croc all in one?

All the coolest crocs in the Everglades are sporting Baby Aspen”s super-cute socks, and this Croc in Socks is ready to deliver four pairs of our fabulous, slip-free socks to the new little guy in your life! Don”t pass up the chance to cuddle a crocodile! Your baby will love this stuffed crocodile from corner store baby gifts. They have some other really cool baby stuff on this site, so be sure to check this one out for sure.

“Croc in Socks” Plush Toy and Baby Socks Gift Set (Green)
from: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Features and facts: Plush, green crocodile with rattle noise holds four pairs of socks for baby boy. Each pair has a different design, and colors include aqua blue, royal blue, burnt orange, green, gray and white. White dots on sock bottom are rubber traction. Croc”s “feet” wear two different socks; their mates are part of the socks held in the croc”s “arms”. Socks are machine-washable; plush toy is surface-washable. Size is 0-6 months.

Even More Cool Baby Stuff

cool baby stuff

Dinosaur Train Jurassic Adventure Baby Gift Basket (Personalization Available)
from: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Full color, sounds and hours of entertainment are at your child’s figure tips with the Personalized Baby Gift Basket Dinosaur Train Jurassic Adventure. They will be occupied with the Dinosaur Train Buddy’s World Board Book and Trumpet Tunes Development Toy, while wrapped up in their personalized Polka Dot Blanket. The set also comes with a fun bath toy and trumpet development toy and award winning music rattle. The board books included in this gift are packed with full-color images from the TV show and are perfect introduction to Dinosaur Train”s many species! Any future dinosaur lover will appreciate the illustrations and fun stories. In addition, the personalized dinosaur baby cozy and matching blanket will surely become favorite keepsakes for many years to come. The colorful trumpet and award winning musical keys will also provide baby with hours of entertainment.

Dinosaur train is a highly popular series with young babies and children, you could read them the stories…

*You should also definitely check out some of these books to read with the baby: Where the Wild Things Are and The Cat in the Hat and The Giving Tree and Goodnight Moon and Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Pixie Baby Hamper in Pink by My Baby Sam
from: Baby Gifts

You may want to get a baby hamper just for the baby’s clothes.. This baby hamper is decorated in splashes of paisley in pink and green. The outside flap is white with green polka dot ruffle with pink band and pretty pink bow. Folds nice and neatly for convenient storage. A hamper can be part of the cool baby stuff collection, and it can keep the baby’s clothes separate from your normal laundry.

cool baby

Guardian Angel Window Guard, 17“ to 23“ Opening
from: KidSafe Inc.

Guardian Angel is well known in the realm of safety products for preventing falls from windows. This product offers premium materials and construction with 4-inch spacing between bars that protect kids from accidental falls. Use the Guardian Angel with a variety of single or double-hung windows as well as sliding and casement windows for a truly versatile protection your family will appreciate. Easy installation with included hardware. Quick release buttons are included for potential emergency situations. Three sizes to choose from including this one. Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.Works for windows 17-23″?. Meets or exceeds basic safety standards (ASTM F2090-01a). Available in 3-5 bar designs. May be used vertically or horizontally depending on window type and design. Use multiple guards side by side for larger windows. Measure windows before you order.

cool baby stuff

Krysaliis Sterling Silver Baby Comb
from: Krysaliis Silver Baby Gifts

Krysaliis Sterling Silver Baby Comb. This minimal sterling silver comb will make a beautiful table accessory. To suit everyone’s taste, this silver comb can be a wonderful gift for a baby shower or the baby.

cool baby stuff

Steiff Classic Teddy Bear Alpaca Grey 7″
from:, Inc.

Steiff Classic Teddy Bear Alpaca Grey 7″. Margarete Steiff holds the best-documented claim to have made the world’s first teddy bears, and since that time no other company have rivaled them for consistent quality or range. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, the company celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2005. The Steiff company motto, as styled by Margarete, is “Only the best is good enough for children.” Steiff products are subject to meticulous testing and inspection. They are required to be highly flame resistant and, among other things, smaller pieces such as eyes must be able to resist considerable tension, wear and tear. The most common materials used in Steiff toys are alpaca, felt, mohair, and woven plush. Eyes are generally made of wood or glass, and the stuffing is commonly wood shavings or polyester fibers. A large amount of the work is done by hand, from design sketches to airbrushed paint. The final touch on any Steiff toy is the trademark “button in ear.? This teddy bear is made with the finest materials available and is durable (it won’t deteriorate or fall apart after a couple of years) and is of the finest quality…

cool baby stuff

Bath Time 6 Piece Gift Set (Personalization Available)
from: Corner Stork Baby Gifts

Scrub your little one in the tub with this 6 piece bath time gift set. This cool baby stuff set includes one hooded towel and five washcloths–and you have a variety of colors to choose from. Personalization is also available. Features and Facts: Color(s): Black and White, Brown and Blue or Pink and Brown. Materials: white terry with modern printed cotton. Details:Set includes one hooded towel and five washcloths. Each washcloth has a different modern print. Optional embroidery available in multiple fonts. Thread color will coordinate with towel. Black and White – black thread, pink and blue dot towels will have brown thread.
Dimensions: Towel measures 32″ W x 30″ H, Washcloths measure 8″ W x 8″.
Each set contains one hooded towel and five washcloths.

Cool Baby Stuff that is 100 percent Organic

cool baby stuff

Organic Cotton Onesie – Milk
from: Softbaby

Organic Cotton Onesie – Milk
Chemical Free
Pesticide Free
Safe for Babies’ Skin
Good for Environment
Wow what a good combination of awesome benefits of using organic cotton to clothe your baby. It is probably the best thing a baby can possibly wear, since their skin is so sensitive in those early years. If you go here, you will find a diverse array of organic cotton products for your baby. All you need is a one stop shop for all of the clothes for your baby… it’s…Softbaby

If you want to look through some other organic cool baby stuff like furniture and sheets, then you can go here as well too…Organic Baby Garden – Naturally The Best For Babies!They sell a range of things, from furniture, to baby clothes, to sheets, and it is all 100 percent organic material.

Here is another website you can check out; they have some really cool baby stuff. They sell slings and baby carriers to help you carry your baby…This is the really cool baby stuff I mentioned at the beginning of the article. This company makes the best ones out there by far: Lucky Baby World These things can really help prevent accidentally dropping your beautiful baby. Prevent drops, these baby carriers totally prevent you from any accidents…And it takes the brunt of carrying the baby off of your back. There are also many different ways you can hold the baby with these cool baby carriers.

Also, last but not least, this is another one of the cool things at the end of the article: (and may be the coolest) sign up to get a Johnson’s Baby Kit, check it out, it’s super-easy just enter your e-mail to get it: Get a Johnson’s Baby Relief Kit! Click Here!

^It would be really cool to get this. I wish everyone could have one for free!

Also, don’t forget:

Feel free to bookmark this page in your browser! Thanks for checking out some of this cool baby stuff!

#Ecological Architulptural #Transformation of Yolandas House


I consider Yolandas House as a template for artistic transformation through digital means. Take this for example:

yolandas house

Apparently, some lady named Yolanda Foster off of the show on Bravo the housewives of Beverly Hills, sold her house at some point for like 27.5 million dollars. I have taken a few pictures of it off the web and transformed it into an ecological sculpture in photoshop. I would like to experiment more with Yolanda’s house, because it intrigues me for some really unknown reason. There is like some off the wall connection there, an acausal unknown causality which is over my head. Furthermore, I do enjoy looking at pictures of Yolanda’s house, and perhaps it can be the basis for a new synthesis of ecological architecture, through my experimentation on this site with yolandas house.

Rock Candy by The Disco Biscuits on Grooveshark

yolandas house

Here is another transfigured image of yolandas house, thanks.

Here is a another song byte

Abraxas by The Disco Biscuits on Grooveshark

yolandas house

Here is another transfigured interior shot of Yolandas house

, I wonder what song comes next, I have to find something good.

Here’s a good one:

Fight Test by The Flaming Lips on Grooveshark

Yolandas house can really be considered a masterpiece of luxury, in the heart of Beverly hills, and I would love to have a site like this to design my own house on. It would be way cooler and more highly functional than the way the house looks now. It would be completely different, although I may not change the pool, overlooking the ocean, from the hills of California. I cannot even begin to imagine how awesome that would be to have a house like that. Simply amazing. I love making art out of her house, though it interests me for some, like I said, unknown reason.

Glad you have liked my renditions of Yolandas house from the housewives of Beverly hills, glad you liked it and maybe I will do another one of her house soon.

Pop Art and related items #PopArt


If you want to read an article about pop art that is somehow different from like anything else out there you tune into this one all about pop art to find out more and experience an undertaking to find out more and whatever you can so that you can be prepared for anything you may need to know about this movement in art.

So here it all begins: now to talk about what is popular. What does popular mean? What does it take to be popular? You have to be yourself, and to be yourself you have to know yourself. Once you fully understand yourself you can put your knowledge of different subjects, a wide range of subjects, and you can use your fantastic storytelling ability to explain your awesome experiences, and put them out there in a tasteful format that has style. The style reflected in what you put into the universe is directly related to how well you know yourself and the broad scope of your experiences which make you who you are. Which is you.

People, and artists, develop a style that is to themselves when they get good at something, and harness their skills. It becomes a language of communication that exists all to itself, although it may be harder for some to disassociate the artist from the artwork. Truly the art stands alone as it’s own entity, although it may still be a somewhat subconscious means of autobiography, and sometimes the archetypal stirrings of popular icons become subconscious on a mass level, and thereby integrated into the fabric of the culture. Some movies and songs are so well known that everyone knows them. The more people who know it, the more popular it is, and the more it falls into the pop art category. It is more of a broad understanding or branch of mass knowledge among individuals on a grand scale. This is why it makes sense as a form of visual communication, because the artist can present something that is familiar to everyone, in an unusual context where it appears, sometimes, as merely a fragment of the real world around us, that has been captured in time, and sort of put into a time capsule to be observed later on in time. It is a part of the past that moves onwards into the future, as it were.

Pop art is a movement. It is a dream. It is the heightening or highlighting of a mutual mass understanding related to something that everyone knows. It has to do with something that everyone knows about. Like Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis. The ultimate pop icons.

Since altering the course of art in the 1960s, with artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenburg, Jim Dine, David Hockney, Patrick Caulfield, and Tom Wesselmann, pop art has wielded great influence over style everywhere. It is universal, sometimes subversive, often beautiful, and occasionally sublime.

Lady Gaga is a handful of pop icons today who have found ingenious ways of incorporating high art’s pop art style into new pop culture. The singer’s album “Artpop” included an album cover made in collaboration with seminal pop artist Jeff Koons. Pop art has made popular culture more aware of itself over the years. There is a mutual exchange between high art and popular entertainment.

You can get an autographed copy of the album cover here:

artpop signed
Lady Gaga Hand Signed Autographed Artpop Original Record I LOVE YOU!

Pop stars wear pop art made into clothing now. Pop art lifts imagery from pop stars. Pop artists work with pop stars on art projects, and commercial album covers.

Mass produced posters have always been synonymous with pop culture. They advertise new music and films, and adorn teenage bedrooms. Surprisingly, they gain value as antiques years after they’re printed. A market solely concerned with old Hollywood Movie Posters, for example, has grown up around the aging pieces of pop culture.

Drawing on imagery as diverse as meme star Grumpy Cat and revolutionary Cuban leader Che Guevara
, everything is filtered through pop.

Pop Art from Imagekind

Audrey Hepburn – Tiffany – Pop Art
from: Imagekind-Artwork from independent artists

pop art grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat – Pop Art
from: Imagekind-Artwork from independent artists

Imagekind features two other powerful female icons besides Lady Gaga. Grumpy Cat and Audrey Hepburn rendered through a pop art lens stand out as two whimsical, but super cool choices. On the surface, this may seem like an absolutely random group; Lady Gaga, Grumpy Cat, and Audrey Hepburn make great stylized imagery because all three exude diva power!!!

Read More About Imagekind

pop art che

Che Guevera Pop Art Poster
from:, Inc., Inc. plays in this gap between what were once more commonly called high and low art. The distinction hardly matters in the 21st century. The internet has opened markets for every conceivable taste and price in art. From Etsy’s broad range of new craft made now, to web pages only reporting last minute art market analysis for collectors, all of the rules have changed. 1,2, is part of this shift.

The website lets you order your own art for your own walls as posters, and the coolest feature of this site is their pop art style. The site’s pop art posters are mass produced art, priced for everyone, rendered in a style which itself is about “pop art”. Art for the masses. It’s a new revolution of taste. It’s art for every home.

More on Pop Art

Pop art challenges the traditions of fine art by including certain imagery from pop culture such as advertising, news, etc. In pop art, these iconic things, or people, are sometimes visually removed from their known context, isolated, and/or combined with unrelated material. The concept of pop art doesn’t refer as much to the art itself as to the attitudes that helped it come about.

Pop art utilizes aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and ordinary cultural objects. It is sometimes interpreted as a reaction to abstract expressionism, and it, in some ways,  kind of expands upon it. Due to the fact that pop artists use found objects and images, it is similar to Dada in that regard. Pop art is mainly aimed at using images of popular, as opposed to elitist, culture in art. It emphasizes the banal or ordinary elements of any culture, most often by using irony.

Pop art is just another way of saying popular art, just like pop music is just the music that is popular right then, and the two are often intertwined, like Lady Gaga with Artpop. With anything popular, it always changes to some degree, over time. There is always room for innovation, and room for new stuff to come to the forefront of the popular art form(s). Certain Icons become enduring and these images live on indefinitely into the future. They are part of the pop art that lives on still today.


Pop Art for today.

Visual Art made pop-ish should be itself an entire pop movement based on the foundations of technology, innovation, experimentation, and style…A multitude of artists to follow there already are… anyways

Pop art is just another way of saying popular art, just like pop music is just the music that is popular right then. There is always room for innovation, and room for new stuff to come to the forefront of the art. A true artist should be in tune with the genius of his or her own time period insofar as technology and innovation are concerned.

It is good to paint too.
It comes to life in front of your eyes

and then it freezes time

it is not ephemeral.

Pop art was a style of art in the 50’s which is how it came to be a popular term. Liechtenstein, and Warhol and the bunch, anyways, the real pop art is a cultural movement based on art. Just as pop music is very much a cultural thing art needs to represent the whims and aspirations of its own sects and followers. And on a much larger scale, true pop art is enjoyed by the masses, and becomes part of the culture, and it affects the style of the culture. Icons, divas, and artists, all can affect how we see the world, and our own personal tastes. Pop art is art that can be appreciated on a large scale. For example, Katy Perry at the Super bowl, is Pop art at it’s finest, in it’s rawest, most thrilling form.

It can very much be the center point of a Conversation
as it is always good to refer to things in the external environment when having or trying to uphold a conversation. Things in our environment give us common ground which people from different backgrounds can interact about something unique. It is always good to know about art and pop art if you want to talk to another artist. You can simply show them your piece of the pop movement, and you will definitely get a reaction.

The new Xbox 1 is so ultra pop ish so here you can enter for a chance to win one:

Something like this can be pop art

Although these days it would probably have some big bold white text at the bottom that is vaguely humorous.

pop art

I prefer my posts to be far from ordinary, however.
The above^ image is taken from the Lourve Museum in Paris, where the two pyramids meet in the atrium space. The slight digital alterations can make it more poppy or pop art popular, or what have you…

Either way, art should be popular, and 2d imagery has lost some cred where cred is definitely due…Because, what would you draw if someone gave you a gigantic canvas?

More on the poppy art

Pop art wasfounded/started in London in the mid-1950s by Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi (who were actually, no really, members of the Independent Group), and in the 1960s by Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, Allen Jones, and Peter Phillips. The movement was supported by certain critics like Lawrence Alloway and Reyner Banham. In the early 1960s Pop art took off in the U.S., apparently through the efforts of and by the work of Jim Dine, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Mel Ramos, James Rosenquist, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, and Tom Wesselmann. It all started with Dada, and sort of grew out of it, Dada was the start of soooooo many different things, because their main idea was to get new ideas. Its roots are in Dada—and the immediate precedent of Jasper Johns’s Neo-Dada eh adaptations of such things as beer cans and the American flag—Pop art has explored the image world of popular culture (it got it’s name because of popular culture). Basing their techniques, style, and imagery on certain aspects of [crummy] mass reproduction, the [elite-controlled] media, and [this messed up] consumer society, these artists took their inspiration from common everyday advertising, trendy pulp magazines, cool billboards, good movies, some television, their favorite comic strips, and many, too many, shop windows. These images, which are presented with (and sometimes transformed by) humor, wit, and (sometimes) irony, can really be seen as both a celebration and an exemplary critique of common, everyday popular culture at a point in time when the art was made.. In the early 1960s German artists like Konrad Lueg, Sigmar Polke, and Gerhard Richter really and truly and deeply explored an authentic Pop-related style, which they called Capitalist Realism( for another reason not discussed in this article..)

Pop art doesn’t want to be popular, it gets it’s name because it is widely popular. It may use elements from pop culture, and it may be something from pop culture. It can take on many forms. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one certain thing. The visual art pop movement uses objects and fragments of pop culture to reach out to people who know those things, which is everybody. It kind of makes sense and makes us aware of our own culture from an objective standpoint, or from the standpoint of the artwork which we observe as what we know as pop.

Legalize cannabis for the medicine for all


legalize cannabis

We need to legalize cannabis now, like right this second.

If you don’t already know go here: Norml.

For anyone who has any doubts about this plant. This plant could save the planet. Period
There are many uses and function of the plant from medicinal to fuel to building material that actually takes co2 out of the air. Cannabis is the best medicine for many people and can help with negative side effects, ill mood, and can basically make the user feel good, or better than they did. People with chronic pain can benefit from this medicine.

There are so many positive things about the cannabis plant. Everyone should be able to grow it in their own home. Everyone should have access to it and it can actually keep people off the harder drugs if it is made readily available. Crime would decrease. People would begin to realize that the world they are living in is a messed up place and they would slowly begin to shift into a more balanced state.

It is far more safer than alcohol you can’t die from it. And some of he tinctures they are making from the cannabinoids are highly medicinal and should be made readily available over the counter.

People are working to reform these laws. Spread the word on social media and let’s get this plant that grows from the ground into our medicine cabinets, because that’s all it is, a medicine, a mood stabilizer and so many other things, pain reliever, relieves nausea, prevents suicide, increases appetite, can be used as an aphrodisiac and a sleep remedy. It can be eaten so if you don’t want to smoke it you can just eat it.

The benefits are far greater than the downfalls and there are so many reasons why this medicine should be integrated into US and World culture again. Stand against prohibition, Legalize cannabis.

It can save your life, keep you free from pain, put you in a good mood, make food taste better, music sound better, it can make conversation more interesting. It can make video games more realistic and exciting. It can make a writer write better. There are so many different strains, you are sure to find the right one for you. People need to be able to get the real medicinal strains they need in all 50 states. This is a time for change.

Do something. Write your congressmen, tell a friend, explain to someone why it is a good idea. The more people who know the better. And everybody should know. Cannabinoid receptors are built into the human brain just because of this medicine. There are also cannabinoids in Mother’s milk.

The truth is, now is the time to legalize cannabis. Share this article, share it all day. Share this site, share it all day. Comment, make a suggestion. The more who want to legalize cannabis the better. This is a human issue. We are the people we have a voice and we need to be heard. Let the smoke ring through freedom. End prohibition. This prohibition on the sacred herb could be the end of our planet. We need to reverse global warming. The more rastas the better. The mope happiness, the more irie, the more Jah loving prophets the better. The more poets. The more artists, the more writers, the more craftsmen, the more inventors, the more athletes, everyone can benefit from the legalization of this most sacred herb that was put on this planet to help our people from extinction.

So if you want to do something it is all about information. Get the word out. Form groups, start a group and ask people to join. Start your own movement. Start a legalization revolution. Free the herb! God made grass man made booze…. which one kills you faster, and creates violent sociopaths who get behind the wheel and kill people. Pot doesn’t affect driving that much. You can probably drive better stoned. You will be in tune, aware, in the zone, untouchable, without boundaries, reaching for the sky listening to led zeppelin or whoever, and you will be lifted. what an experience it is to be lifted. It is like none other. It may be the best feeling in the world if you let it be.

Legalize Cannabis

It can bring about revelation and new personal understanding of your world and the world around you. Legalize pot and it will all come true

Legalize pot and you will see beauty, art, consciousness, and love sprout up in unexpected places. People will give up this corporate enslavery caused by the system, stop shopping at walmart, and reinvent what it means to gather. This will happen in new and profound ways once the sacred herb is legal.

It is your duty to humanity to stand up for the sacred plant called cannabis and remove the stigmatic aura of negativity that surrounds it. It is part of who we are as humans and if you don’t believe that then you can find out how the agricultural revolution was really started and how long people have been protecting their own access to this sacred herb. You can either agree and if you don’t fully agree that this medicine, this gift from the gods then you really need to do some research and find out for yourself. Heck don’t knock it until you try it. It’s better than your filthy fermentations, with more self control and without the hangover. And it’s straight to the point. You smoke and you get high. You don’t have to drink 12 12 oz containers and pee four times to feel a buzz, and then have to pee and be laying there with your head spinning feeling like you are about to die because you can’t get enough. And then the alcoholism gets really bad and you have to drink to feel normal. Alcohol is physically addictive. Cannabis isn’t. I’ve never heard of someone going to rehab for smoking pot. It’s easy to quit. People can become mentally addicted to it, and this is a more psychological thing.

For the most part what everyone needs to know is that pot is approximately 4,000 times safer than alcohol. It would take more weed than you could smoke in a year all at once to even come close to killing you. Extremely high doses may cause a loss of blood pressure, but you can lay down for a minute and you will be fine.

#Lotto #Poem


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if you want to win
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it is the only way

fortune favors the bold
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no enrollment and only jackpots

never mind, you know what to do
do as the digerreedos do
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…and if you win
maybe you can slide me a Ben
or ten of them.

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