Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a truly one of a kind original yessickart painting by Steven Yessick. @yessickart only releases one painting every so often. This painting is from a series he did from 2005-2006. He did ten others of a similar nature, but they have all been lost, sold, […]


Rainbow #Rainbows #Holographic #wormhole

#rainbowbridge lost in a transcendent dreamstate in a tremendous balancing act as it were on top o da sky keeping within the boundaries of the ineffable. With a rainbow time warp entering your house… #wormhole Project Almanac– the movie about the kids who invent a time machine, really good movie, btw, if u like time […]


Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum

Around the clock with red, 1983 We Can Change Images to see my version and Frankenthaler’s version and go back and forth… Click on the image Which one do you like better? Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum… or My version ?????? This is a massive painting. Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum… on the wall it […]


#Gaudi Depersonalized

Gaudi Gaudi – Depersonalized […In terrific Nirvana States .00009.html….} {‪#‎repost‬ : Sunbathing for the Masses} in Architectultural Dreamscapes of her Mind’s eye… —-<—-(devoid of rectangularity)—–>—-… devoid of rectangularity on the moon.0009er.html beyond rectangularity, so to speak… in the meanwhile collecting fragments and results… in between the stance division interpreted as divinity results far flung and […]

Wildwood weed lyrics

The wildwood flower grew wild on the farm, And we never knowed what it was called. Some said it was a flower and some said it was weed, I never gave it much thought …… One day I was out there talking to my brother, Reached down for a weed to chew on, Things got […]



I get tired of looking at people…. so I make stuff like this….That’s why I don’t do figurative art. There’s too many pictures of people…I want anything but ordinary, any way I can.and sometimes I like music without words:


What it is. It is. What it ain’t. It ain’t. Besides, it’s just not a thing. Anyway, have a good day. Whatever, Talk about the weather. It’s 90 in Alaska I don’t know about Nebraska. Fill in the Spaces, you of many faces. Let’s go places, far off in the sky… Or dance in the […]


tirade of the mobocracy… [sunbathing for the masses…] [.0083674.000] reversal pontification pontification is to pontificate, which means express one’s opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic. They should really try to be: pensive pensive-engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought. Showing or expressing deep, often melancholy thought: a pensive look