new planet kepler nasa

New Planet Nasa Kepler; Trump; Hillary on e-mails, and a weeping-mocking cry…

Inter twined worlds apart, adrift, meandering – co-joined… …along a light-rain mountaintop inner sky with water droplets sea sky-faring night cascading in boughts of karmic light embers synergies… Pluto in the flux. Balance she wept in the distance, a weeping-mocking cry…. heartfelt solar plexus guided to a heartfelt center node millieu participatory co-cooperative mindset harmony […]

phot started out as candy wrapper

this photo started out as a candy bar wrapper

this photo started out as a photo of a candy bar wrapper This photo started out as candy wrapper on a wooden tabletop. It morphed, and changed, now glowing, in recitative semblances, with the fury, in a node, or motion….through the wilderness in motion…

Do we really need all these cars?

“It is vain to do with more what could be done with less…” -William of Occam Imagine, if you will, in another world, not quite so different from this one, waking up and walking across a magnificently landscaped garden to a food court where you could get anything you wanted to eat for free, any […]

Earth’s Poles are shifting Gradually due to Climate Change

1,212,542,442,016,826 —> thats the number of pounds of ice that melts annually as a result of climate change. (That’s 1.2 quintillion (the one after quadrillion, which is the one after trillion)) to give you some idea, there are 1,893,417,120 seconds in the average human’s life (or 1.8 trillion). You would have to live approx 1,000,000 […]


Rainbow #Rainbows #Holographic #wormhole

#rainbowbridge Art is a rainbow lost in a transcendent dreamstate in a tremendous balancing act as it were on top o da sky keeping within the boundaries of the ineffable. With a rainbow time warp entering your house… #wormhole Project Almanac– the movie about the kids who invent a time machine, really good movie, btw, […]


Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum

Around the clock with red, 1983 We Can Change Images to see my version and Frankenthaler’s version and go back and forth… Click on the image Which one do you like better? Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum… or My version ?????? This is a massive painting. Helen Frankenthaler Chattanooga Hunter Museum… on the wall it […]


#Gaudi Depersonalized

Gaudi Gaudi – Depersonalized […In terrific Nirvana States .00009.html….} {‪#‎repost‬ : Sunbathing for the Masses} in Architectultural Dreamscapes of her Mind’s eye… —-<—-(devoid of rectangularity)—–>—-… devoid of rectangularity on the moon.0009er.html beyond rectangularity, so to speak… in the meanwhile collecting fragments and results… in between the stance division interpreted as divinity results far flung and […]