Most of these categories are combinations of rss feeds taken from different sites from across the web. Each feed has multiple rss feeds combined into one, and there really is no telling what you may see next. It is sort of random, and gives you an overview of what is going on in said category, while allowing you to delve deeper into a story if need be. This site is a starting point; a hub of sorts. Updated frequently. Hosted by a webmaster who has years of experience in virtual design, and with a sense of humor. Thanks. Read more here.
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Headlines – The latest news headlines from around the world.
Sports – Keep up with sports updates, scores, and stories.
Celebrities – The latest celebrity gossip and news.
Movies – Up to the minute movie news.
Gaming – Latest news and trends from the gaming world.
Anti-boredom – Find interesting and funny things when bored.
Art News – The latest art news and articles.
Books – Find ideas for things to read here.
Food and Recipes – Find inspiration and ideas for your foods.
General – General health news, warnings, and updates.
Psychology – Articles on thinking and human emotions.

And Next, A Few Webpages ->

Fearless and Smitten – a combination of pure excitement.
Morphed Logos – read all the way down; far out, yo…
Bemuse a muse – A page on the verb “to bemuse”.
Like This – A web sculpture piece
Later on in the Updates – Later on in the updates.
Millennium Poetry – Written around the turn of the Millennium.
Index3 – An old homepage
Legalize Cannabis – Legolize

This is where we take a little diversion and read some badass contemporary poetry

A Few Poems:

This is a Photograph of Me. – Margaret Atwood
Moonburn – Marge Piercy
Keeping Things Whole – Mark Strand
The Schooner Flight – Derek Walcott

…More Feeds…


Smoky Quartz – Protective; dissolves negativity; good in workplace.
Rutilated Quartz – Energizing, assists with mental focus; psychologically protective.
Tourmaline – Protection during ritual; opens pathways.
Amethyst – Clarity and spiritual growth.
Rhodochrosite – Love; heart chakra; intuition, creativity.
Fluorite – Absorbs negativity; makes user aware.
Apatite – Psychic perception; paranormal abilities.
Azurite – Psychic abilities; intuition, a meditation stone.


Ancient Coins – Greek, Roman, Byzantine Coins
Medieval Coins – Asian, Celtic, European, Islamic, and Persian
Seated Liberty – US (1836-1891)
Barber – US (1892-1916)
Walking and Standing Liberty – US – Walking: (1916-1947); Standing: (1916-1930)
Buffalo Nickels – US (1913-1938)

Comic Books

Here are some good comic books feeds, who knows? You might find something really special.

Amazing Spiderman
Uncanny X-men
The Avengers
The Hulk

A few More Pages:

Systemic Abstraction – Abstract Art based on a system
Graffiti and Notes – Art Theory
Architecture Sketches – Drawings from the Turn of the Millenium
Art Terms – Art Elements and Principles

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