Sending forth new boundaries, in cosmic waves

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Thanks! Anyways, here’s the article:

alongside a frequency in super G fate blossoms
jiving squares and rectangles for all to see..
Juicy music pervades the scenery
a night blossom tendril interwoven with a soft texture…
please wait until the space divides itself upon itself.

collect an eager garden flock midsummer reptile cosmic boundary
last sending halfway down the causeway..
leftover heartbeat unfolding as it were yesterday in syntax of color

pleading with the masses on top of your head
a stance at night, collective vision patterns of the countryside masters
lying on a grape blanket in time and place of finality
underscore the divinity and approach everything as if it still mattered at once and above it…

a shoe gathers dust in a new bloom decaying light of growing hill vortex caverns
send forth letters, decaying in spaces left beside one another
open the caressing callous membrane and shine forth everything at once

a new sign arose of a causeway delicacy imhotep viagra nightbloom
a new donut shop on the horizon, squared til a coffee grain gets stuck in your teeth..
a loose aquifer challenges peace and destiny forgiven
as the night rewrites the next day and travels into the future contexts of now.

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