Landing strip decay and evaluate…

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In a torrent of meanderings the soft chain letter was sent to everyone on my friends list.
A textured cloudy moment in seeking leftover heartbliss moments in cause and effect of flowers.
In five more timeout minutes from resurfaced interior spaces.
Aloft and silent in the underground species abrupt and relinquished from duty.
A sad note chain of insurrection from above the daylight distance.
A cloud in the sky looks like a dog ear penance chamber in the desert winds…
Moving across the sands in a spider web solstice night of interweavings of flesh and matter.
The cause and effect nocturnal night happenings of boundless imagination and karmic dividends…
Leaving the chalice on the tabula rosa.
Cleaving to the mixed up syntax in your mind’s eye in fishnet frolicking.
A distant sunshine distance in a heart saturation miscreant distance flux.

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